What are the Ingredients of Turmerix?

Turmeric, Cinnamon (cassia), Stevia, Coconut Powder 3%, Black pepper, Sodium bicarbonate (E500) 2%, Green tea, Liquorice, Kelp, Ascorbic acid (E300) 1%, Fennel, Vanilla, Aniseed, Caraway, Ginger, Clove, Cardamon.

Is Turmerix Organic?

We source the highest grade turmeric with the highest grade Curcumin percentage possible (av 6%) but we do not have Organic Certification.

Is Turmerix Gluten Free and/or Vegan?

Yes, Our product is 100% guaranteed to be vegan and gluten free.

You will notice on the label it says 'may contain Milk Protein'

Only product sold This is due the coconut powder we use being processed in a commercial machine which also processes a milk whey product. The machine is commercially cleaned in between each use. Very similar to vegan and gluten free bread being made with machines that produce common breads.

How much Turmeric is in the Turmerix formula?

Well over 70% of our product is Turmeric.

Where does the Turmeric come from?

We source the Turmeric from India where they have been mastering the production of Turmeric for over 4000 years. We only use Turmeric which is Steamed, not Irradiated.

How much Liquorice is in the formula?

Due to our Formula being a secret ‘like’ KFC and Coke we can tell you this – All ingredients are in order of content on the label and Liquorice sits between 2% and 1% content of our formula. This information is important when seeking medical advice around taking Turmerix alongside current medications.

Why is Turmerix not listed by the Therapeutical goods Administration (TGA) because your testimonials state people are reducing there medications and being able to stop medications over time?

We are a food company and not a drug company. We sell particularly good food however the TGA deals with manmade drugs and supplements. We are hoping in the near future the TGA will create a certification for food like ours.

Many websites talk about Cancer and Alzimers being 'Cured' or 'eased' by using Turmeric yet there is little mention of this on your Website?

There are too many companies pushing False Hope to sell products. While the science is showing great promise around these issues and Turmeric, everybody is different and will have different results because we all have our own unique biology. Here at Turmerix we will let others speculate around what it “might do” and here we focus on what it “Can Do”.

Where is Turmerix Made?

Mixed and made in Melbourne, Australia with both imported and local ingredients.

Can you have Turmerix if pregnant or breastfeeding?

No, is the short answer. Seek advice from your trusted medical professional if you want to take Turmerix during this time.

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